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Dr. Taylor Marshall Pilgrimages

Our Lady of Guadalupe & Mexico
Guadalupe Shrine * Mexico City * Tlaxcala * Puebla * Coyoacan
February 4 - 9, 2016

The Shrines of Italy
Rome (Pope Francis) * Monte Cassino * San Giovanni Rotondo (Padre Pio) * Monte Sant'Angel (St. Michael) * Lanciano (Eucharistic Miracle) * Loreto (Holy House) * Assisi (St. Francis) * Siena
June 26 – July 5, 2016

*Optional Post Tour to Pisa, Florence, Padua (St. Anothony), Venice  (July 4 – 9, 2016)

Taylor Marshall, Ph.D.
was an Episcopal priest in Fort Worth, Texas before being received with his family into the Catholic Church by Bishop Kevin Vann of Fort Worth in 2006. He subsequently served as the Assistant Director of the Catholic Information Center in Washington, D.C., located three blocks north of the White House, where he lectured regularly. He also served under Archbishop John J. Myers for the Pastoral Provision of John Paul II, the canonical structure by which Anglican clergy are received into the Catholic Church and then go on to pursue Holy Orders in the Catholic Church. Taylor holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Dallas. His dissertation was title: "Thomas Aquinas on Natural Law and the Twofold Beatitude of Humanity. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University (BA, Philosophy) Westminster Theological Seminary (MAR, Systematic Theology), Nashotah Theological House (Certificate in Anglican Studies), and the University of Dallas (MA, Philosophy). Taylor and his wife Joy live in Dallas, Texas with their seven children. They are members of Mater Dei Catholic Church.

Dr. Taylor Marshall, Joy Marshall & Their 7 Children

Dr. Taylor Marshall Books


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